Big Steps to Small Business

for the female entrepreneur

Do you have a business idea and you just don't know how to get it off the ground? Having trouble navigating social media and figuring out what exactly your "brand" looks like? Already have an established business but could use a little help taking it to the next level?

Join me in my first ever in person workshop

"Big Steps to Small Business"

for the female entrepreneur

I'm going to teach YOU all of the strategies that I put into practice everyday that took me from an amateur with a dream who didn't know how to use a camera to a 6-figure professional photographer in under 4 years.

In this workshop we will:

Identify the product and/or service that you are selling

Understand the "problem" that you're solving for your customers

Really get to know your "brand"

Deep dive into marketing strategies and figure out just who exactly your ideal client is.

Understand the business side of social media

Go over the government regulations to small business

Map out the customer experience from start to finish and turn them into a lifetime customer.

Although lots of my own experience is photography based and I will be referencing my photography journey throughout the workshop this is not just for photographers. All female entrepreneurs are welcome.

You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of

  • what you're selling
  • what your brand looks like
  • who your ideal client is
  • how to market to them
  • how to price for profit
  • how to maximize client relationships

Here's the deets:

Saturday March 18th

In person: Location TBD



Workbook included

To grab a spot send me an email below!